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Indiana State Capitol

Imagine working hard every day only to have to fork over a sizeable chunk of your hard-earned money to fund some kind of vague project that you don’t even get to know about.

This is the reality we live in here in the good old state of Indiana.

On Friday, Indiana’s budget panel approved a $120 million request from the state’s economic development agency to close a deal on a hushed advanced manufacturing project, despite transparency concerns from some Democrats on the committee.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) made the nine-figure ask to provide performance-based incentive funds for an automotive company planning to invest about $3.2 billion in a new facility that they claim could bring 1,400 new high-paying jobs for Hoosiers.

Those performance incentive grants will come out of a $500 million IEDC “deal closing” fund, which was created by the all-knowing, high IQ members of the Indiana General Assembly.

It seems like a nice thought. Surely Hoosiers’ hard-earned money will be spent in their favor.

But what company is your money actually being sent to? Senior vice president of community affairs Mark Wasky won’t say.

The only information he would provide is that the facility will be located north of Indianapolis, but not in the LEAP Innovation District in Lebanon – where Indiana plans to craft a “high-tech” corridor along I-65 in Boone County, roughly halfway between Indianapolis and Purdue University.

Hopefully that clears things up and Hoosiers will be able to sleep well tonight not knowing how their hard-earned money is being spent by their almighty overlords.