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“Hunter Biden’s foibles provide ammunition for Republicans who want to inflict harm on Joe Biden ahead of 2024 presidential campaign.”

Above, is a quote pulled from a USA Today tweet. They think that they can whitewash Hunter Biden’s crimes. Do they think Americans are stupid? Do they really think that they can convince Americans that Joe Biden’s involvement with his son is no big deal?

They did not just make a tweet about this. They wrote an entire article on it. In the article, they suggest that the Biden crime family corruption is just “hyper-partisan” attacks by Republicans. This is utter insanity.

Let us review the facts. Hunter is a drug addict, tax cheat, who lied on a form to purchase a gun illegally, fathered a child out of wedlock and made millions selling influence to foreign entities, including US enemies like China.

Even if President Joe Biden did not benefit directly from Hunter’s business dealings, even though he probably did, this is more than a “foible” wrongdoing. defines “foible” as “a minor weakness or failing of character; slight flaw or defect.”

Breaking the law and making business deals with the enemy is more than a “minor weakness or failing of character; slight flaw or defect.”

to hear Tony Katz’s thoughts on USA Today’s preposterous article, click the link below.