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The Republican Primary is a two-horse race between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, but Tim Scott has a path.

Senator Scott from South Carolina officially announced his presidential candidacy on Monday. He is a black man who is not afraid to engage in the conversation about race. He seems passionate about school choice, which is a large issue right now.

The problem with Senator Scott, is that he is too nice. Will he be willing to fight back? We know that Trump and DeSantis are both willing and able to throw haymakers at their opponents. Will Senator Scott be able to throw one right back?

The good news for him is there is a path for him to win. There is a demographic of people that he resonates with. There are people in America that like the idea of hearing from someone who is normal.

Based off of what we have heard him say in various interviews and speeches he is a man of God. That resonates with the evangelical voters on the right, and he will need them if he wants a chance to win this race.

Senator Scott probably will not win. DeSantis and Trump are the two giants in this fight, but there is a path for him to make some noise.

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