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An IndyGo bus.

Source: (Photo provided by IndyGo.)

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis’ bus service is desperately short of bus drivers and they are asking for people to apply for a job.

IndyGo says they are having to consolidate some routes along with moving more busses to busier routes and taking away busses from others. The company recognizes that this will impact many people in Indianapolis who rely on the bus to get around.

“There will be a total of four routes where the frequency will change,” said Carrie Black, spokeswoman for IndyGo, on WISH-TV. “So that could be something where a bus arrives every 30 minutes. It may not arrive until every 45 minutes or maybe every 60 minutes.”

Routes that will be affected include 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 26, 28, 31, 38, 55 and 902. A new route, 56, will be introduced. Routes 12,13, 14, and 55 will be consolidated.

Attracting new drivers has not been an easy task, according to Black.

“IndyGo is not unique in this at all,” she said.” This is a national crisis. When the pandemic hit the number of bus drivers, the workforce, decreased dramatically.”

The agency is offering drivers a starting pay of $20 an hour, health benefits plus free training for the commercial driver’s license.