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The “Heart of the City Farmers Market,” in San Francisco is one of the most prominent farmers markets in San Francisco… or it was.

That farmers market has been overrun with homeless people and most of the vendors have now left. Jenny Chan, a local resident said,

“People are leaving. Businesses are closing down. It’s very unacceptable to live this lifestyle. I mean, the farmers market used to be the heart and soul of our city, and now we can’t even have that.”

The problem is not just that the market has seen an increase in the number of homeless people in the area, but they are not just homeless people. They are homeless drug dealers. Chan went on to say,

“We used to have rows and rows of crates of fresh vegetables, and now part of it is taken over by drug dealers on the sidewalk.”

Chan’s descriptions continue saying that the drug dealers were offering free needles and foil, someone was recently arrested in the area, and that there are people who have overdosed from the drugs just lying in nearby tents.

The idea of that area is disturbing.

Homelessness is not just an issue in San Francisco, but it is an issue here in Indianapolis. In the 2022 census just under 2,000 people were reported as homeless.

When you walk downtown you can see homeless people everywhere. This is an issue in Indianapolis, and it needs to be addressed before it becomes an overwhelming issue.