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INDIANAPOLIS--The bullhorns blared and people chanted “We want Nichele”, Monday evening on the steps of the central library in downtown Indianapolis. The protesters, some of them at least, are calling for members of the library board to resign after their decision last week to hire Dr. Gabriel Morley as the new CEO of the library system.

Morley turned down the job. But, some of the people who came out are angry that Nichele Hays, the interim CEO, was not chosen.

“We don’t understand the decision not to hire Nichele Hayes. Being that she was qualified to be the interim CEO, but not seemingly qualified or good enough to be the permanent CEO,” said Michael Torres, head of the local library union, talking to WISH TV.

He said the decision to hire Morley didn’t make any sense to him, and has led to distrust.

“Disappointment, but just sadness that some people involved that they didn’t respect the community,” said activist Wildstyle Paschall, telling the TV station he wrote a letter asking for resignations.

“I was hoping that the board would listen to the community. And pick the most fit candidate, which was Nichelle Hayes,” he said.

Hayes’ time as head of the library system is now over anyway, according to a statement from the library board.

“With the conclusion of the term of the interim CEO, the order of succession for administration is that the Chief Public Services Officer serves as Acting CEO. Therefore, Gregory Hill is the acting CEO until the Board decides next steps regarding the interim and begins a new permanent CEO search,” read the statement.

” Nichelle M. Hayes has returned to her previous role with the Indianapolis Public Library as the Manager of the Center for Black Literature and Culture. The Indianapolis Public Library Board is thankful for her eight months of service in the role as Interim CEO.”