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Rain drops cover the image, containing clouds and a dim, blue sky in the background.

INDIANAPOLIS — When you look at this week’s forecast, you have a little taste of everything: warmth, clouds, rain, and freezing temperatures.

“Fairly benign weather through Monday to start the work week,” says Meteorologist Matt Eckhoff, National Weather Service Indianapolis. Monday kicks off a week with high temperatures in the upper 40s, slowly crossing into the mid 50s by Tuesday.

Tuesday is the beginning of real change in the forecast. Eckhoff says clouds swarm the skies throughout Tuesday with rain moving in later that night.

“Late Tuesday night, that’s when the next chance of rain comes in,” Eckhoff explains, “storm system approaches from the west and by Wednesday morning, it should be raining almost everywhere.”

That Tuesday night storm system will hit the forecast with a two-punch combo: first, you’ll get to enjoy a comfortable 60-degree high on Wednesday, but once the rain clears out, so too do the high temps. A cold front hits Thursday with lows dropping into the 20s and 30s, and that stays consistent through Friday and Saturday.