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PALM BEACH, Fla.--Former Pres. Donald Trump has filed paperwork to run for a third term as president of the United States. Trump made the announcement Tuesday night from his home in Florida.

Trump is seeking another term as support for him seems to be diminishing within the Republican Party.

His announcement comes one day after an interview with former Indiana governor and vice president Mike Pence recalled the events of Jan. 6 in a TV interview and in his new book about the split with his former boss, which culminated in Mr. Trump’s supporters breaching the U.S. Capitol and rioting.

Trump also made the announcement a week after the mid-term elections did not yield a “red wave”, with many of Trump’s picks being defeated and Republicans not landing control of the Senate.

“I am running because I believe the world has not seen the true glory of what this nation can be,” said Trump. “We are Americans and we do not have to endure what has taken place in Washington, D.C.”

Trump promised economic prosperity and a return to the use of American energy.

“I will fight like no one has ever fought before. We will defeat the left-wing Democrats who are trying to destroy our nation from within,” he said.

Trump also talked about getting the Hispanic vote, saying he believes Hispanics understand the =border situation better than most.