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WESTFIELD, Ind. — If you live in Westfield, your gas bill might become more expensive.

Citizens Gas operating in the Westfield service area has proposed an annual revenue hike of 1.29-million dollars, citing the need to cover high maintenance and operating costs, plus improving infrastructure. Citizens Gas of Westfield says this would not affect water or sewer price rates.

So far, this is just a proposal. It’s not going through yet. There’s a months-long process that has to happen before the plan is presented in December for approval or disapproval. You have a say in the decision, as the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor is accepting public comments until November 25th.

If the plan goes through, the price increase would generally break down like this:

Monthly Usage                                Current Gas Bill    Proposed Gas Bill

20 Therms (16.01 gallons)             $28.67                    $39.59
50 Therms (40.03 gallons)             $53.93                    $66.34
100 Therms (80.07 gallons)           $96.02                    $115.90