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WASHINGTON — You hear about fentanyl overdoses a lot recently as well as police and federal law enforcement busting crooks trying to deal fentanyl-laced drugs in Indiana.

Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who represents portions of northern Indiana in Congress, is hoping her bill will help cut off the trafficking of fentanyl at its source using the court system.

“It’s very interesting that this bill is a way to bring justice to families and victims since Joe Biden is doing nothing about the border,” Walorski told Newsmax. “My bill basically says that if you are the family of a victim, you can file a lawsuit in federal court and go after these countries are this poisonous fentanyl is coming from.”

In this case, according to Walorski, it’s China and Mexico in particular. Both of these countries have said that they can’t be held liable for drug cartels operating there and trafficking fentanyl into the United States. Walorski’s bill would say otherwise is signed into law.

“We’re seeing stories every day right here of people who are being arrested bringing so much fentanyl across our border that it can kill millions and millions of people with a tiny, tiny dose,” Walorski added.

In 2021, over 71,000 U.S. citizens died from fentanyl overdoses, which accounts for about two-thirds of overdose deaths in the United States last year.