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Southern California has its challenges, but one thing it does offer is beautiful weather. It’s warm and sunny all the time! Perfect for any outdoor recreational activity your heart desires: swimming, running, exposing your genitals in public.

That’s probably why an unidentified man in Long Beach decided to drop by his neighborhood salon last Saturday and remove his penis while waiting outside for a haircut.

man exposes himself at long beach salon.

Screen Capture: YouTube

It’s clear from the photo that it was a glorious sunny day. Can we really fault the man for getting a little vitamin D on his wee-wee whistle while he waited?

The lucky staff at Static Salon in Long Beach told Fox 11 that the first-time customer did not appear to be homeless and initially asked for a haircut. He then waited outside on a chair and removed his pee pistol.

“Literally within 10 minutes between him leaving our salon and sitting in the chair to whipping it out,” said Fiona McLaughlin. “It was just insane.”

Not wanting to selfishly hog all the excitement to herself, McLaughlin graciously called 9-1-1 and invite the police over to watch too!

Sadly, the man left the salon after 30 minutes — 10 minutes before the police arrived.

Hey cops, you snooze you lose.

Fortunately, we have video! You’re welcome!

Hammer and Nigel will have more exciting details on this historic event in Long Beach on today’s show.