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It’s time to sharpen your pencils and ink your quills!

WIBC’s presidential bracket is HERE!

Round by Round you will be prompted to vote on the matchups between different Presidents facing off against each other. The match will be decided by the general public choosing who they think was the best president for our country. The President with the most votes in the timeframe that they can receive them will move on to the next round to meet their next opponent! You may return when the next round begins to contribute to the next rounds outcomes.

*If a President does not have an opponent it is because they have been granted a bye (or for some a pardon).*

ROUND 1: STARTS 3/7 6:00AM ENDS 3/18 11:00PM

ROUND 2: STARTS 3/18 11:01PM ENDS 3/22 11:00PM

ROUND 3: STARTS 3/22 11:01PM ENDS 3/25 11:00PM

ROUND 4: STARTS 3/25 11:01PM ENDS 3/29 11:00PM

ROUND 5: STARTS 3/29 11:01PM ENDS 4/02 11:00PM

ROUND 6: STARTS 4/02 11:01PM ENDS 4/05 11:00PM


*There is no reward for choosing the most correct outcomes*

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