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Marriage is a magical journey that is rooted in religious tradition.

It occurs when two or more people fall in love, exchange vows in cheap and dirty Vegas chapel, and then spend the rest of their lives dreaming about having sex with other people.

WIBC host Jason Hammer is wed to the exquisite Chrystal Hammer. Their marriage is healthy, robust, and strong in bond. They are an example to us all, and their love grows deeper every day.

What’s the Hammers’ secret to wedded bliss? An agreement that should the opportunity arise, either one is permitted to bang one of three pre-approved celebrities on their respective “Hall Pass” list.

Q: How does the “Hall Pass” work?

A: You list three exceptionally hot celebrities with whom you would delight in exchanging carnal knowledge. Your spouse then agrees that should the opportunity arise, you are permitted to have sex with one of the individuals on your list – no questions asked.

Q: Is “Hall Pass” right for me?

A: A better question to ask is whether or not the “Hall Pass” is right for your spouse.

Q: What does the Bible say about “Hall Pass?”

A: Scripture makes no specific reference to a “Hall Pass” in the Old or New Testament, so God’s probably fine with it.

Q: What if I had sex with someone who isn’t on my “Hall Pass” list?

A: No problem. Simply remove one of the names from your original list and replace it with the name of the individual with whom you committed adultery. Maybe your spouse won’t notice.

Pro-Tip: Always write the names on your “Hall Pass” list in pencil – NOT permanent ink.

Q: Should I put my wife’s sister on my list?

A: This is a decision best left to the individual couple, but yes, absolutely.

Q: What about her mom?

A: Laws vary by state. Consult a local attorney prior to crafting your list.

Q: How can I learn more about “Hall Pass?”

A: Jason and Chrystal Hammer have taken great care to prepare an informative “Hall Pass” seminar that you can access for free by clicking on the link below.

Please Note: This seminar is only available for a limited time. Once management becomes aware of this article, it’s a goner. Act now!