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Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake, Minnesota will no longer utilize the letter “F” in its grading scale.

The changes were implemented after an “equity audit” revealed grading disparities among students of color, according to Fox News.

“Grading can be one of the largest areas in which systemic racism and inequities are perpetuated. Dr. Kazmierczak and WBLAS believe grades should be a measure of what a student knows and has mastered in a given course. Grading should not be a behavior punishment and should not be a measure of how well a student can survive stress at home,” the website reads.

The school laid out its new grading scale in a video posted to YouTube.

“Our whole intent is to ensure that grades focus on the process of learning,” Principal Christina Pierre says in the video. “Therefore, grades will not include behaviors, attitude, tardiness to class, whether the assignment was turned in late or on time. There are other ways that we can communicate those things to parents.”

And public schools have been nothing but 100% forthcoming in their communication with parents lately  – especially on that whole CRT thing.

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