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UPDATE:  Indy Metro Police said they have located and detained several individuals one being 18-year-old David Tillman for aggravated battery. 

A 16-year-old boy was shot. He was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

IMPD said no shots were fired inside the football stadium. The shooting happened during the fourth-quarter, gunshots could be heard outside the stadium behind the away bleachers.

The game was stopped, and officers working off-duty along with faculty immediately evacuated players and spectators.

INDIANAPOLIS—The Ben Davis-Carmel High School football game was suspended, then called off during the fourth-quarter Friday night when gunshots were clearly heard behind the away bleachers at Ben Davis.

LISTEN: Audio of the shots being fired from the game broadcast with Jim Leisure and Brendan King

IMPD said one person was shot and another arrested. The teenage boy was taken to the hospital.

“I kind of looked to my right and hoped they were fireworks,” said Greg Rakestraw, who was broadcasting the TV version of the game, talking to WISH-TV.

The gunshots can clearly be heard on the Fan radio broadcast of the game.

Brendan King reported that a group of people in a car may have fired the shots and sped away.

Both teams could be seen leaving the field in a hurry shortly after the shots were fired.

Police could be seen marking the area and blocking it off with crime scene tape.