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TERRE HAUTE, Ind.–Indiana State University is offering incentives to get people to go to college and to finish in four years. It’s called the Indiana State Advantage and begins in the fall of 2022.

University President Deborah Curtis described the program to Inside Indiana Business as a three-pronged approach, which guarantees a tuition-free education for first-time, full-time students.

“First they’re going to give every first-time student on campus $3,000 for experience outside the classroom. So, it’s more than a tuition piece,” said Gerry Dick, with Inside Indiana Business, on Tony Katz and the Morning News. “After they calculate aid and you have a 3.0, you’re gonna get basically a tuition-free guarantee.”

The $3,000 credit can be based on an internship, study abroad, research or service.

The school also guarantees you can finish your degree in four years or they also pay the rest.

“ISU really thinks this is something that’s gonna keep people or attract students from around Indiana and beyond to the school and importantly they view it as something that’s gonna stimulate the workforce pipeline.”

Dick said many business people he’s talked with don’t buy into the worker shortage as the new normal.

“They think people are going to get back in the workforce. There’s a need for it, especially if you’re in the hospitality sector,” he said.