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Nancy Pelosi wants you to know she’s tough. She’s gangster. In fact, she’s a straight up BA.

During the attack on the Capitol January 6th, Pelosi was on Capitol Hill when rioters broke into the building. She was safely evacuated by security. However, the Speaker of the House told USA Today that if the rioters came after her they would’ve been sorry.

“Well, I’m pretty tough. I’m a street fighter. They would have had a battle on their hands.”

She then joked that she would’ve used her secret weapon: her stiletto heels.

For some reason Pelosi fighting off a Viking with designer shoes seems like a very niche reality show.

Tony Katz says he wouldn’t put his money on Pelosi.

I don’t know what would make her think she should say such a thing, but she did…She is very very confused if she thinks she could’ve physically taken on anybody. She doesn’t have the physical strength to take on a soul.

Obviously we don’t want Pelosi or anyone to have to prove they’re a street fighter by just showing up for their job, but you have to admit proclaiming her toughness out of nowhere is silliness.