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STATE HOUSE–A commission on teacher pay raises has recommended that teachers get a raise, and believes state lawmakers could enact new taxes, shift spending around and cut costs to make that happen.

The commission believes that the average salary for teachers in Indiana should be $60,000 per year.

“I think if you look at the report, it’s kind of a balance between state and local,” said Rep. Bob Boehning, chairman of the House Education Committee, talking to WISH TV’s All INdiana Politics.

Boehning said it’s not likely the state will foot all of the bill for money that could go to raises for K-12 teachers. He said that lawmakers don’t even make the decision about raises.

“At least today, we don’t set those pay increases. We set the funding for K-12 and the decision is made at a local level,” he said. Boehning said the general assembly made record increases last year and he believes more increases could come this year, which is a year that state lawmakers set the state’s budget (they do that every two years).

“I think the commission also recognizes that the pandemic has impacted state, federal, local funding across the board. So, it’s probably unrealistic to think that tomorrow the state’s just gonna fix the problem.”

Boehning said some of what happens this year depends on whether the federal government delivers with more stimulus money.