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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Coalition for Homeless Intervention and Prevention will be able to provide more help for homeless families thanks to a $1.25 million grant.

CHIP received the grant from The Bezos Day 1 Families Fund, a fund launched in 2018 that provides money for organizations that are working to solve family homelessness.

“This grant really helps us continue to build on the collective work that we’re doing as a community here in Indianapolis,” Chelsea Harring-Cozzi told WIBC.

“It will help us do a couple of things. One, to help divert more families from entering homelessness and having to spend any time in emergency shelters or living unsheltered,” said Harring-Cozzi. “It will work to connect and engage families who are living in shelters or living unsheltered to services to quickly resolve their homelessness. It will also help families in securing permanent housing. We’ll be doing this in partnership with a lot of the community organizations that are on the ground right now, working with families.”

The work CHIP does is part of a five-year plan to end homelessness in Indianapolis.