Saturday Night On The Circle

Saturday Night On The Circle

As left-wing virtue-signaling has reached fever-pitch in our society many people are seeking nothing more than sweet escape from the mundanity of politics. Sadly, however these political overtures have even infiltrated your favorite escapist entertainment media because truly, nothing is sacred. Recently one of the biggest names in gaming, Bethesda Studios, have released their biggest […]

Saturday Night On The Circle

It seems that Liberals are much better at ‘Virtue-Signaling’ than ‘Virtue-Follow-Through’ as Democrat Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams is waving the white flag and saying his grand Liberal utopia will be ‘destroyed’ by the endless stream of migrants straining their system. Ironically if a Republican mayor were to make an equivalent point it […]

Saturday Night On The Circle

After drawing national scorn for their book review policy the board of Hamilton East Public Library has reversed their decision to transfer more than 1,300 books out of the Young Adult section of the library on the grounds of objectionable content. This was in many ways the brainchild of Micah Beckwith who is currently seeking […]

Ethan Hatcher from Saturday Night On The Circle went on quite the adventure and he tells us all about it! Recently I traveled all the way to the suburbs of Chicago to acquire this somewhat scarce phonograph, over 100yrs old. It was spotted by another friend in the hobby of collecting. This very cool antique […]

A big week in news! – Donald Trump was officially acquitted from Impeachment charges by the Senate held on a mostly partly lines vote. Trump naturally followed this victory with strong remarks at the prayer breakfast directed towards Romney and Pelosi, and later at a White House conference the same afternoon. Many had hoped the […]

The 6th Democratic debate came and went and this was the lowest rated debate yet! Also this week the Pope lifted the veil of pontifical secrecy regarding child sexual abuse cases within the church, revealing a wide caseload that has grown in recent years. Listen to Ethan Hatcher and Dr. David Root discuss these topics […]

(Alex Wong/Getty Images) The candidates gathered in Atlanta, Georgia for the debate night hosted by MSNBC & The Washington Post.Candidates played it safe and pulled their punches but Joe Biden constinues to slip as he stumbles and loses his train of thought. Buttigieg had a strong performance and Tulsi Gabbard found herself at the center […]

(Maureen Keating/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images) It was a disappointing week for Mario County Republicans who lost in a landslide loss to Democrats, including losses of even more City Council seats… it wasn’t a good night on Tuesday, to put it mildly. Dr. Root and Ethan Hatcher commiserate and breakdown what went wrong and what […]

(Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Images) This week Jason Richey the City Council candidate from District 22 & Capri Kendall join Dr. Root and Ethan Hatcher in the studio. Jason Richey shares his qualifications for city council and his plans to help make INDY greater! Also a shocking ruling against Leo Lech from a […]

(Win McNamee/Getty Images) The Democratic contestants… er, candidates faced off for the fourth debate in Ohio. It seems more clear that Elizabeth Warren has inched forward as the frontrunner, but Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigeig as well as Andrew Yang had a good night. Dr. Root and I give you the highlights from the debate […]