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It’s the 21st Century, America – an age of passion… an age of confusion.

It’s also an age when there are roughly 193 different genders available for personal adoption at will. Stop by your local gender-neutral clothing section at Target and try one today!

H&N Pro Tip: Don’t do your gender-shopping at the Beech Grove Walmart or you might get a complimentary beating with your purchase.

Nice kid. Planning to be a doctor.

Anyway, it’s an age when guys are allowed to bridesmaids in weddings. They’re called “men of honor,” which means “dude in a dress” (we think).

What you can NOT do, apparently, is be a “man of honor” who refuses to wear a dress and make-up in a wedding. Choose whatever gender you like, but you’ll wear what the bride says and like it!

We mention this recent addition to the “Proper Etiquette for Bridesmaids with Penises” handbook because some guy didn’t get the message and he got bumped from a wedding as a result.

Listeners to the Hammer and Nigel Show weighed-in on the story and played a nail-biting wedding-themed round of “Who Is The A-Hole?” on today’s show. Click below to listen. A couple of callers made some really good points.


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