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MUNCIE, Ind. — State police say police officers in Muncie had to shoot a man Sunday.

Sgt. John Bowling said in a press release that Muncie officers were called to check on someone who they say was suicidal. When they got to the address on the call near 14th and High Street early Sunday morning they found a man sitting in a car under a car port in an alley behind a house.

“As officers approached the subject got out of the car brandishing what appeared to be a Berretta or Sig Sauer style handgun that he pointed directly at an officer,” Bowling said.

The man’s name was Taylor Warner, 30, of Muncie. Bowling said when officers saw the gun they immediately told him to drop it. Warner refused and continued pointing the gun at the officers who eventually fired at Warner. He was fatally wounded and later died at the hospital.

“Later in the morning ISP Investigators were able to examine the gun used by Warner and determined it was a handgun replica-style BB gun,” Bowling said. “The gun did not have any orange pieces on it or any other indicators that it was not a real firearm.”

Bowling said Warner was also armed with a large blade butcher-style kitchen knife. The officers involved in the incident were wearing body cameras that were on a recording the whole thing and Bowling said state police are reviewing that footage.