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#GoBaldForBLM has to be the biggest troll in the history of the internet. There is no other explanation that makes sense as to why a white woman would shave her head as “an act of solidarity” to “show support” for the black community.

Actually, there might be an explanation for this behavior…


“She’s a vegan, and as we all know, vegans don’t get enough protein. She’s on Tik-Tok and says ‘the fight to end the oppression of animals is the same fight to end the oppression of all black people. All sentient beings deserve to live.’

“Oh my gosh! Vegan Tik-Tok user compares ‘Black Lives Matter’ to be being a vegan and not killing animals!

“Yeah, I’m not buying it; I’m calling ‘troll’ on this one.”

Here’s the original tweet:

So what do you think about #GoBaldForBLM? We’re siding with Tony Katz on the troll angle here.