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INDIANAPOLIS — Protesters were in the streets of downtown Indianapolis Friday night and tensions between police and concerned citizens have escalated nationwide over the death of George Floyd.

Floyd is the man killed while being subdued by police officers in Minneapolis Monday.

“I have to say that we’re traumatized right now,” said James Wilson, CEO of Circle Up Indy to WISH-TV. “It’s that continual trauma that’s taking effect.”

Floyd’s death sparked riots in Minneapolis, as some businesses and a police precinct were destroyed. The protests in Indianapolis were more peaceful but there were moments where protesters were throwing things at officers, such as empty water bottles.

“As a community, as a collective group, organizations, individuals, even the media spreading the message,” said Wilson. “The positive things that are going on in our community — that’s when we see growth.”

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At one point late in the night tear gas, pepper balls, and what appear to be smoke grenades were used on protesters is areas surrounding Monument Circle.

IMPD says shots were fired at a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy downtown later on near the One America Tower at Ohio and Illinois Streets. No one was hurt and the deputy did not return fire.

Several arrests were made as well.

In Fort Wayne, tear gas was used on a group of protesters. WOWO Fort Wayne reports the protests in downtown Fort Wayne started at the Allen County Courthouse green, but eventually led to demonstrators sitting, marching, and standing in the middle of the road nearby.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry said on Twitter: “Now more than ever we need to respectfully and peacefully engage in productive dialogue and understanding as we grieve together, knowing that we can have better days ahead of us.”