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INDIANAPOLIS–You’re working from home. You’ve become a home school teacher. You still have to fix dinner and buy groceries. Suddenly being forced into so many roles can be overwhelming. But, people are learning ways to deal with it.

“This is adding a whole new dimension. Many people have never worked from home until now and now they’re doing it with all these extra complications,” said Kevin Eikenberry of The Eikenberry Group, who specializes in training leaders and in training people to work remotely.

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“What we’re finding is people are stressed. They’re overwhelmed and they’re feeling like they can’t fail.”

He said his company is providing a forum Thursday night that you can join live at 7 (eastern), to share ideas on how to deal with it. You’re invited to bring your suggestions, he said, and join other people in the same boat and leaders like Byron Ernest, who serves on the Indiana Board of Education.

“What we’re trying to do is provide as much support for them as we can and it starts by letting leaders know that this is a complication that they might not be experience, but many of their team members are,” said Eikenberry.

He said that bosses may be in a different stage of life, and should understand that their team members may have middle or elementary school age kids who require attention.

“For me with a daughter who’s a junior in college it’s not quite the same as it is for the five members of my team who elementary of middle school kids.”

Eikenberry offered a sneak peak at a couple of the suggestions that may be presented. One of those is having grandparents who are also isolated join the kids virtually and have them help with reading, or have one of the neighborhood high schoolers help out, while still observing social distancing.

But, many of the suggestions will come from people who participate and have come up with creative ways to tackle a new problem, one that requires new routines, schedules and new approaches to living life.