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Rose Marie Bentley, a woman who croaked at the ripe old age of 99, lived her entire life with most of her organs in the wrong place and didn’t even know it! 

According to family of the Bentley, the Oregon woman was fascinated by science for most of her life. As a result, she opted to donate her body to science upon her death. In the Spring of 2018, when students at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) began examining her body, they reported her previously undetected, potentially life-threatening anatomy.

Bentley, who died in Oct. 2017, had her appendix removed years prior. Her family said the doctor noted finding it in a strange location; however, there was never any follow-up on her other organs.

Thank goodness Bentley was born prior to the legalization of medical advancements and legalization of third-trimester abortions. Lord knows the liberals of today would opt to terminate life if so much as a webbed toe was detected in the ultrasound.

The Chicks on the Right celebrate Bentley’s unique story in the clip below.