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INDIANAPOLIS–It may be a good idea to start planning what kind of health insurance you want, even though open enrollment is in the fall. But, choosing health coverage is just one part of making sure you’re getting good care, said Jenny Walden, outreach and enrollment specialist with the Indiana Primary Health Care Assoc.

“After they sign up one of the things they need to do is make sure they have a primary care physician,” said Walden. “A primary care physician is someone that will help them through the process of taking advantage of their health insurance.”

Some insurance policies fully cover services provided by a primary care physician, like preventive check-ups.

Walden said before you sign up or change your coverage, you should understand what you are getting covered.

“HIP, Medicaid products, anything that is considered MEC, minimal essential coverage, there are ten items they are required to cover. Things like preventative care, prenatal care, prescriptions, hospital, behavioral health,” said Walden. The other services are lab work, pediatric (including dental and vision), rehab, emergency and outpatient services.

She said if you want help navigating the process of deciding which health insurance works best for you, you can find a certified navigator at a community health center.

If you want to apply for Medicaid, it’s not limited to open enrollment.

“Indiana expanded Medicaid, so there is coverage for non-disabled adults. You can apply for Medicaid any time of the year,” she said.

PHOTO: Grinvalds/Getty Images