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(Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff / Getty Images)

It’s been a good 12 years since the horrific fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” stumbled into cinemas.  And because no one likes to go out on a stinker (and Indiana Jones 4 REALLY stunk up the place), “Indiana Jones and the Whatever They Decide to Call it,” has been rumored to be in the works since roughly four years ago.

Hey, these things take time – especially if you care about attention to detail – so hold your bullwhips. They rushed on #4, and ticket prices have gone up since then. You want to pay $12-$15 bucks to see Harrison walk through half the film with plumbers crack and his fly down? Okay then.

Indiana Jones #5 was first announced in 2016. At the time, the people discussing the project were as follows: writer George Lucas (the guy who created and then screwed up the “Star Wars” franchise), director Steven Spielberg (the guy who created nearly one hundred awesome films and then screwed it all up by attacking the Boy Scouts), and Harrison Ford (the guy who beat the Galactic Empire in “Star Wars” and then died in the most pathetic, unrealistic, and non-heroic way possible in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”). 

Really, Han? You didn’t see that coming? I’m just wondering because the entire theater that I was in knew you were headed lightsaber bait the minute you walked out on the bridge! It’s was obvious! Plus, I read spoilers before going to the theater. 

By the way, good going, Chewie. What a tremendous wingman you turned out to be.

Anyway, all this talk about “Indiana Jones #5” has been speculative and there was talk at one time of a reboot with a new actor as the main character. 

Ooh! Reboot! Do you know what would be awesome? They should get River Phoenix to play the adult “Indiana Jones” since he played the younger “Indiana Jones” in “The Last Crusade.” How awesome would that be? Oh yeah, I forgot… Nevermind! 

Ooh! What about Heath Ledg… Nevermind.

Anyway, “Indiana Jones #5” is definitely in the works. Hammer and Nigel have all the details in today’s edition of “Are You Okay with This?”