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INDIANAPOLIS — A young teenager was shot and killed in a shooting on the northeast side of Indianapolis late Wednesday night.

Indy Metro Police say the call came in around 8:30 about shots fired at an apartment complex near 38th Street and Sherman. They arrived to find the boy wounded and he was taken to Riley Hospital where he was critical.

A few hours later Dayon Lyles, 13, died, says IMPD Ofc. William Young.

He says the shooting happened as two groups of people got into a fight outside the apartment complex. The boy is said to have not been involved with either of the groups. Young admonished those involved who are still on the loose.

“You took it upon yourself to pick up a firearm and now someone lost their life. I am eagerly asking you to turn yourself in,” Young said. “We continue to talk about this over and over again, about conflict resolution. You hurt someone who, to our knowledge, had nothing to do with the disturbance you had against each other.”

So far IMPD hasn’t released any suspect information or anything else about what led to the shooting.