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Source: BrianAJackson/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — A man from Indiana has been accused of making threats against a Michigan election worker.

Court documents claim Andrew Nickels, 37, of Carmel, called a clerk in Michigan on November 10th, 2020, and made threatening statements on voicemail.

The following is just part of the threats Nickels is accused of making: “We’re watching your…mouth talk about how you think that there’s no irregularities…[Y]ou frauded out America of a real election…Guess what, you’re gonna pay for it, you will pay for it…[T]en million plus patriots will surround you when you least expect it, and your little infantile Deep State security agency has no time to protect you because they’ll be bought out and we’ll [expletive] kill you…[Y]ou will [expletive] pay for your [expletive] lying ass remarks…We will [expletive] take you out. [Expletive] your family, [expletive] your life, and you deserve a [expletive] throat to the knife…Watch your [expletive] back…watch your [expletive] back.”

Andrew Nickels is charged with one count of making a threatening interstate communication.

If he’s convicted, he faces up to five years in prison.

The FBI Detroit Field Office is investigating the case, which is part of the Justice Department’s Election Threats Task Force.