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MSNBC host and former Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki asked one of the most preposterous questions regarding James Comer.

During an interview with Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, she asked the following, “How concerned are you that James Comer was knowingly, unknowingly, working with, co-opted by a foreign agent?”

Raskin responded saying, “I am just concerned that the House Oversight Committee, which has a very proud history is suddenly being compromised in a really serious way. Our legitimacy is being eroded by the tactics adopted by Chairman Comer.”

What a ridiculous thing to say, accusing Comer of being co-opted by a foreign agent.

This comes from Comer’s connection with Gal Luft. Luft is a Biden whistleblower and is suspected to be an unregistered foreign agent to China and international arms dealer.

Rafkin’s comments continued about the GOP’s investigation into Hunter Biden. Raskin claimed Sunday that House Republicans are on a “wild goose chase” of the Biden family.

He continued commenting on Comer and House Republicans saying, “They essentially have said, ‘we will validate anybody who will say anything about the Bidens.’”

Rafkin did not stop there. He continued ripping the House Republicans and pushing the idea that the Bidens are innocent saying, “There are real issues that are confronting our people, and [Republicans] are off on this wild goose chase related to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, and they’re main witnesses are people who are fleeing justice in America,” referring to Luft.

Rafkin has clearly decided to ignore the evidence against both Bidens if he thinks this is a wild goose chase.

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