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Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch

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STATEWIDE — Your current Lieutenant Governor says her goal, if she wins the Governor seat, is to reinforce Conservative values in Indiana.

Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch tells WIBC’s Abdul at Large she’s currently spending her time building a strong team and making the rounds, talking with Hoosiers about their concerns.

“They’re worried about inflation,” Crouch explains, “they’re worried about how much money they have. You know, people are concerned about am I going to be able to pay for my property taxes and am I going to be able to pay for my prescriptions.”

Crouch says the economy isn’t strong on the federal level, which is affecting the state level.

Crouch also says she’s hearing more Hoosiers are concerned about losing their freedoms, as she puts it. She says parents deserve to be involved in the classroom, and that Constitutional rights should be top priority. She admits she still has to get through the primary, but she believes she’s the right person for the job of governor.

Suzanne Crouch face stiff competition in the form of Dr. Jennifer McCormick, former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Senator Mike Braun, Eric Doden, and Donald Rainwater, running again as a Libertarian.

“I’m running for governor because we do not want Indiana to become an Illinois, California, New York, or even a Wisconsin,” says Crouch.