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The Super Bowl ends, then 17 days later the NFL has their combine in Indianapolis, and that is a good thing for the city.

Scouts, executives, and coaches from all 32 NFL teams come to the great city of Indianapolis for a week to evaluate the talent in the upcoming NFL draft. It is an exciting time for the teams and for the city.

The city sees an estimated $10 million economic boost from hosting the week-long event.

Other cities have taken notice of this and Indianapolis now has competition to host it these next two year. Both Dallas and Los Angeles placed bids to host the combine in 2023 and 2024. The combine was not moved for this year, and it will stay in Indianapolis next year. After that it is unknown where the event will be held.

This increase in competition has led to the city trying to make the event better. They are trying to make it more of a fan experience. Both the city of Indianapolis and the NFL have come together to try and make the event more of a fan experience.

On the south side of Lucas Oil Stadium there is set to be a “Massive fan experience,” Nate Swick said in an interview with WISH TV.

With the NFL making an attempt to grow the event that only gives Indianapolis a greater reason to try and keep the event.