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WASHINGTON — President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine while on a trip to Europe this week.

The president’s visit to Kyiv came during the marking of one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. During his visit, Biden announced the commitment to more federal aid from the United States to Ukraine’s war efforts.

Another $500 million on top of the billions of dollars the U.S. has already given.

Ukrainian-born Hoosier Congresswoman Victoria Spartz said that the extra cash is all well and good, but believes that the war will not be won by Ukraine by simply continuing to throw money at the problem.

“The American people have had so many of these never-ending wars without strategy. Spending a lot of money,” she said on Fox News. “(Ukraine) has its own corrupt government and very weak western leadership. That’s why Putin took advantage of this situation.”

Spartz added that the White House needs to make sure the money we are sending over is actually going towards Ukrainian war efforts. She is also urging the White House to be more proactive going forward in rolling out “deterrence” efforts in trying to force Russia out of Ukraine.

Russian president Vladimir Putin delivered a long speech to his country’s Federal Assembly today. In that speech he accused the west of starting the war, saying “they started it.” He added that he was forced to invade Ukraine in order to save it.