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INDIANAPOLIS–Grant money is available to businesses in Indianapolis that can be used to get public safety technology.

It is called the b-link program. The security cameras used in it create a network of live-stream video that IMPD can access in case there is a crime or incident in the vicinity.

On Thursday afternoon, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said dozens of businesses in Indianapolis are already part of the b-link camera network.

“With added federal funding provided through the American Rescue Plan Act, our city can expand the reach of this advanced law enforcement tool — a tool that has already provided critical evidence leading to the arrest of violent offenders,” said Hogsett.

Small businesses can apply for a one-time grant of up to $2,500 to install and manage business cameras. Businesses can also connect already in-service security cameras or apply to offset the cost of camera installation through the b-link Pro program. The program is funded at a total of $500,000.

“We are grateful to be able to provide b-link to small businesses across all Indianapolis neighborhoods via this grant opportunity—this program and its technology speak directly to our mission of enhancing public safety and quality of life for all in our city,” said Dane Nutty, President & CEO of the Indy Public Safety Foundation.

IMPD claims the b-link program is working.

“Through the b-link program, IMPD has already had success identifying vehicles and apprehending suspects. This program allows our community to directly work with IMPD by providing critical video and evidence that helps our detectives solve crimes and ensure victims receive justice,” said IMPD Deputy Chief of Investigations Kendale Adams.

The b-link program is part of Hogsett’s three-year, $150 million violence reduction strategy. Part of that is a $9 million investment in public safety technology.

B-link technology is in use, currently, with more than 120 cameras registered to 33 businesses in Indianapolis.

Participants can work with an integrator to guarantee that the cameras are installed properly. A small monthly fee ensures cameras are operable and available via a cloud-based server. Applications close on March 17 for spring grants awards.

For more information about the program or to apply for funding, go to