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Kevin McCarthy is not giving up yet. After three failed votes, the California GOP leader was not elected House Speaker. McCarthy was just shy of the 218 majority votes needed.

Tony Katz spoke with Congressman elect Greg Pence on his surreal experience being on the floor during the voting. Pence said early Wednesday morning that the party has no plans on meeting before voting continues at noon.

“We adjourned yesterday around 5ish, and I expected we would have a conference, a Republican meeting this morning before we gavel back in at noon. But here it is 8:15am, and there are no meetings scheduled for this morning. So what is going on behind the scenes, I know just about as much as everyone else.”

Pence notes that new endorsements are starting to come out, like former President Trump pushing for McCarthy.

The US House of Representatives are set to meet Wednesday afternoon to continue the conference.