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A new bipartisan proposal on immigration legislation would allow nearly 2 million “Dreamers” citizenship. The motion is led by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-AZ, and Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C.

Sinema and Tillis’ proposal would legalize undocumented immigrants who are apart of Obama’s issued Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA offers deportation protections and work permits to migrants who came to the US as children.

They argue by legalizing Dreamers, the move would shore up asylum processing at the border.

Tony Katz says that the country needs to work on the border crisis before looking at any other legalizing process.

“Until we put an end to illegal immigration there should be no other conversations that take place. I don’t know what Tillis is doing here…You can’t be offering up amnesty until you start with, we don’t allow illegal immigration in the United States. Everything else is a nonstarter.”

The proposal is being pushed during the “lame-duck session,” before Republicans take control of the House in January.