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WASHINGTON--Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (R-Indiana) is blaming some of the instability in Europe and the Middle East on the policies of the Biden administration. The Republican who was elected to a second term last week, was on Fox News this weekend.

“Europe is now destabilized because we have failed energy policies,” she said.

“If this administration blocks pipelines and then they have to go and John Kerry has to beg [Venezuelan Pres. Nicolas] Maduro and try to do backroom deals through Colombia, with a communicst country to be able to provide some energy to Europe instead of benefiting American companies here domestically,” she said.

Spartz blamed Pres. Biden for instability in the Middle East, saying he has managed to get into quarrels with Iran and Saudi Arabia, causing the U.S. to have to release oil reserved to keep gas prices somewhat manageable.

“We have so many dumb decisions made by this administration that create a lot of problems in Europe,” she said. “This is going to be a very tough winter. But, next winter will be even worse if we don’t start dealing with this situation now.”

Spartz also said the Biden administration should have done a better job with the Ukraine situation and should have prevented the war.