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INDIANAPOLIS — The doctor who performed an abortion on a 10-year-old girl from Ohio earlier this year is suing Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita.

Dr. Caitlin Bernard is accusing the attorney general of using “bogus consumer complaints” to try and access medical records to investigate abortions performed in the state. She called Rokita’s accusations against her “frivolous” and that he’s been trying to use those complaints to subpoena medical records.

Bernard and her medical partners claim that Rokita has sent subpoenas for records of patients who never filed complaints to the attorney general’s office in the first place. In turn, they want a Marion County judge to put a stop to Rokita’s investigation.

Rokita’s office is responding to the lawsuit, saying they “investigate thousands of potential licensing, privacy, and other violations a year” and that a majority are from non-patients.

“Any investigations that arise as a result of potential violations are handled in a uniform manner and narrowly focused,” the statement added. “We will discuss this particular matter further through the judicial filings we make.”

Bernard said most of the complaints the AG’s office is citing are coming from people who have seen or read about the story in the news and have never received any kind of care from her or her partners.