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WASHINGTON — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues sending illegal immigrants to “sanctuary cities” across the United States.

A sanctuary city is described as a place where city leaders have instructed law enforcement not to work with federal law enforcement on finding and deporting illegal immigrants.

One flight of 30 immigrants in particular from Texas was sent to Martha’s Vinyard in Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard is an island just off Massachusetts and has been described as a “sanctuary destination.”

The message from Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has enacted similar relocation efforts of illegal immigrants, is that other states and cities need to understand the burden being placed on border states to deal with illegal immigration.

It’s a message Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz empathizes with.

“Other states need to understand, but also don’t understand a thing such as sanctuary cities,” Spartz said on CNN. “The federal government should have a policy that applies to all the states. There are states’ rights and there are federal responsibilities. Immigration policy is dealt with on the federal level.”

Therefore, Spartz believes that every state should help shoulder the burden. Texas and Florida leaders have said they don’t have the resources to deal with the large number of people coming across the border, and Spartz added that leaders of Martha’s Vineyard need to understand that too.

Spartz believes immigration policy under the Biden Administration is incentivizing people to come to the country illegally.

“We need to find legal ways for people to come here because when you create incentives for people to come illegally, people will abuse the system,” she said. “We are a country of immigrants, but we are also a country of law and order.”

Democrats have decried the efforts of bussing and flying immigrants to destinations all over the country as inhumane and have accused Republicans of “playing politics” with people’s lives.

Several attorneys choosing to represent these immigrants are saying these immigrants were duped into getting on the busses and planes with assurances of jobs and lodging.

Spartz would not speak to those accusations, again saying she understands the message the Texas and Florida governors are trying to send to sanctuary cities.