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Police scanner audio has emerged that seemingly contradicts an IMPD spokesperson’s statements regarding last Saturday night’s fights on Monument Circle.

On Saturday, April 23, WIBC hosts Jason Hammer and Rob Kendall witnessed a fight on the Circle that appeared to involve as many as 100 people.

Video and several photographs that were taken by Rob Kendall shortly after the incident showed multiple police cars on the scene.

WIBC News reached out to the IMPD for clarification on what happened that evening. A spokesperson acknowledged that a few fights involving some teenagers had occurred, but “not nearly 100.”

IMPD confirmed that three female suspects were arrested at the scene, but stated that no injuries were reported.

WIBC host Jason Hammer alleged Thursday that IMPD insiders claimed the office of Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett urged IMPD to “downplay” the incident Saturday out of concerns that the general public would perceive Monument Circle as unsafe.

On Friday, an anonymous source sent Jason Hammer the IMPD police scanner audio of officers responding to the fight on the Circle Saturday night. The recordings appear to contradict IMPD’s statements about the incident. One particularly troubling clip reveals an officer reporting “multiple people fighting” on the Circle. In another clip, an officer reports as many as “400-500” people at the scene.

Hammer and Nigel played the police scanner audio on their show Friday. Click below to listen.