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INDIANAPOLIS–If you driven the stretch of North Meridian St. from the White River to 96th St., you know some parts of it are rough. In 2023, the city plans to do something about it, with a rehab of the street planned using money from the American Rescue Plan, allotted to the Indianapolis Dept. of Public Works for street projects.

“It’s a major structural rehab of North Meridian Street. But, it’s also gonna have in it repairing culverts and looking at the turn lane,” said DPW Dir. Dan Parker.

LISTEN: Dan Parker talks Meridian St.

He called the project “exciting” because it will mean a smoother ride. He said it will be somewhat comparable to the Keystone paving project, but not completely.

“The one difference with this is really we’re gonna be dealing with the drainage issues on North Meridian St. That’s why we’re looking at culverts, culvert replacements, culvert cleanings,” said Parker.

If you’re wondering what the closures will look like, that part isn’t clear yet, said Parker.

“That project is still in design. It has not bid yet,” he said. “The bidding of the project will allow us to see what kind of maintenance of traffic the contractor would want to have. The hope would be not closing it completely.

Parker pointed out that during the Keystone project, even though traffic was slow in sections, the street was not closed completely.