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“Let’s Go, Brandon!”

What is this, an attempt to control the narrative around the “Let’s Go, Brandon” campaign? Don’t be surprised when the left trots out their talking points accusing conservatives of ‘offending’ a disabled kid.

By the way, President Biden held himself a town hall last night with his BFFs at CNN. Highlights included the president’s total disdain for freedom and healthcare workers:

Also featured prominently, the leader of the free world explaining that he just hasn’t had time to visit the southern border.


He did have time to visit his buddy in California, Governor Gavin Newsom, however.

Here’s our hero and friend saying police officers should be fired for not getting the vaccine:

And just to push you to your breaking point, here’s Uncle Joe attacking American energy for his policy failures and admitting he doesn’t have the answer for high gas prices.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re screwed.

Now, enjoy Mock n’ Rob.