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STATE WIDE–If you love your community and your state and you have true grit, you may be a fit for the Indiana State Police. They are looking for a few good men and women to join the next recruiting class to become state troopers.

“We recruit year-round because we hire year-round for troopers, Capitol Police officer and motor carrier inspector,” said Sgt. Roosevelt Williams, who’s helping get the word out about the need for recruits.

LISTEN: Sgt. Roosevelt Williams talks becoming a trooper

He said state police are in the same bind that so many companies are in, with fewer people willing to work.

“We…find ourselves in the situation where we’re not getting as many applicants as we would in the past,” he said.

Williams said the starting pay for someone who is in training, which takes about 25 weeks, is $42,000 per year. That goes up to $48,000 upon graduation, and if you stay on the job for a year, it goes up to $52,000, a raise of about $10,000 in a year’s time.

But, to earn that money, you have to have brains and guts.

“So, we’re looking for you to possess those same core values that we have on the department: having integrity, having discipline, being involved in the community, self motivated, having a little grit,” said Williams. The grit comes in when you have to deal with tough situations, part of the job of a state trooper.

“This hiring process, the academy and this job in general is gonna challenge you mentally and physically,” he said. “So, you’re gonna need that type of discipline and integrity and that grit to get you through those tough times.”

You don’t have to have prior experience as a police officer to qualify. But, someone who is or has been an officer may be a good candidate.

“We are looking for those current police officers who are looking for a different department to work for, a change in scenery. You know working for the state police you have the whole state, different districts that you can work for,” he said.

He said the benefits include paid time off and paid nbew parent leave.

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