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Controversial though it may be, scientists have long speculated that the mind of the average liberal voter is superior to that of the conservative as a result of differences in the evolutionary development of the two groups.

While conservatives trace their ancestry to Adam and Eve and give credit for their creation to a perfect and Almighty God, liberals are in near-universal agreement that they evolved from apes.

This evolutionary difference between the two groups has led researchers to conclude that much like their feces-flinging ancestors, the liberals’ craniums are generally much thicker than those of the conservative. This genetic difference in cranial cavities allows the liberals’ skulls to remain virtually impenetrable, shielding their brains from unwelcome intrusions of reality, logic, and truth.

According to scientists, this distorted perception of the world around them is a sort of emotional survival mechanism. While conservatives are plagued by worries about the very real challenges our country faces and the inherent dangers posed by a dementia-riddled man serving as Commander-in-Chief, the liberal is able to maintain a near-euphoric state of emotional calm in the face of a disturbing reality. This genetic difference is an especially useful survival tool in the event of a national disaster such as President Joe Biden’s first press conference.

Yes, President Biden is undoubtedly suffering from some form of cognitive decline, and his disturbing performance at Thursday night’s presser made that blatantly clear to conservatives and moderates alike – but not liberals.

Exhibit 1A: Biden Answers A Question On Gun Control By Talking About Capping Wells.

Exhibit 2A: Biden “Says Something Outrageous,” Then Forgets What He’s Talking About.

Exhibit 3A: Biden Randomly Yells In The Middle Of Statements.

Exhibit 4A: Biden Came To The Senate 120 Years Ago.

Exhibit 5A: Biden Hasn’t Gone To Border Because He Doesn’t Want Secret Service To Get In The Way.

Exhibit 6A: 78-Year-Old Biden Rambles About His Intentions To Run For Re-Election in 2024. 

*Side Note: That woman who has to interpret Biden’s comments for the deaf? That job has to be pure hell.

Yes, there were oodles and oodles of evidence Thursday night that President Joe Biden is undoubtedly losing his mental faculties, and by Friday morning, conservatives, poor souls, were in an utter panic.

Conversely, the blissful denial of reality inherent in the liberals’ minds protected them from feelings of unpleasantness and/or concerns about America’s future.

These strikingly opposite perceptions of President Biden’s first press conference from conservatives versus liberals is truly a fascinating look at the extraordinary genetic differences between our two political species.

The science is settled: liberals are oblivious to the reality that Joe Biden is mentally unfit to hold office – ANY office. As a result, the liberals’ emotions will remain in a state of homeostasis for the duration of the Biden presidency – estimated at six-months or less. Thus, they can sleep well at night while their country implodes, forcing conservatives to clean up their mess following the 2022 midterms.

Mock n’ Rob expound upon the above theory in the following clip.