A couple of ladies “on holiday” and full of gin decided to set a spell in one of those giant chairs you regularly see in tourist areas. Not that big, but you get the idea. The ladies took a seat, posed for a commemorative photo, and then… “Use your crotch!” You’ll be happy to learn […]

President Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat party have an all-new branding slogan heading into the mid-term elections: “Spare me the bulls*** about constitutional rights” The inspiring phrase was first uttered by Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline during a House Judiciary Committee meeting to discuss gun legislation that Democrats say would prevent mass […]

Expectant millennial mothers who don’t abort their babies are increasingly concerned with the health and welfare of their unborn child. They religiously take their prenatal vitamins and eat right. They exercise regularly. They even cut back on smoking. And then they reveal the gender of their baby by detonating an explosive device DIRECTLY IN FRONT […]

Long before Joe Biden was a terrible President and political grifter, he was just a terrible Senator from Delaware (and political grifter). He was also a bit of a racist. Actually, Biden is still a bit of a racist today, but he’s arguably better at hiding it. Let’s take a quick gander at some of […]

Vice President Kamala Harris made absolutely no sense when she said “work together” five times in 30 seconds, during a meeting with ASEAN leaders to discuss climate action and clean energy Friday. Check out the exciting video. It’s like watching a 9th grader do a book report and using filler words to reach the required […]

A guy filmed a semi-truck crashing into random cars on purpose in a small Nevada town. At the end of the clip, the driver slams into a guy in a pickup, right in front of the guy recording. The trucker eventually locked himself inside his cab. So the guy filming disconnected the semi’s brakes, which […]

“We’ve got to protect Roe v. Wade, or else we won’t be able to get with hot babes and stuff!” This is the tongue-in-cheek argument put forth by the creative minds behind “Freedom Toons” in their latest video. “What Are Freedom Toons?” “Freedom Toons” are short-form cartoons that deliver political commentary through satire, and their […]

Producer Sam was properly initiated into the world of professional radio Thursday when he gladly and of his own free will took the Sprite Challenge. Again, we want to emphasize that Sam was NOT forced to participate (It’s a legal thing. You can’t be too careful these days). What Is The Sprite Challenge? It’s the […]

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will not be charged for punching a fellow first-class passenger aboard a plane at San Francisco International Airport last month. The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office said Tuesday it has closed the case and decided against pursuing charges based on “the circumstances surrounding the confrontation.” “Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had […]

A woman who led police on a gripping motorized luggage chase through Orlando airport in 2021 that reached speeds of up to 7 miles per hour has been rearrested after failing to appear for her court date. Chelsea Alston, a 32-year-old motorized luggage owner and lover of alcoholic beverages, was barred from boarding an airplane […]