The Indianapolis International Airport has been named the best airport in North America for the 11th year in a row. It is quite the accomplishment, and they should be proud of their accomplishment. Despite how well ran the Indianapolis International Airport is, TSA workers are the worst. TSA workers are unnecessarily rude. They take advantage of […]

A few weeks ago, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson over 40,000 hours of security footage from the January 6 Capitol riots. Carlson began releasing the footage on Monday night. Carlson has been known for downplaying the violence that occurred at the Capitol, and the video he showed Monday night fell in line with […]

Senator Joe Manchin was asked on Sunday if he planned on endorsing President Biden in the upcoming election. He responded by saying he wanted to wait until he knew”all the players.” There is some speculation that Senator Manchin could attempt to run for president himself. In his statement on Sunday, he said he would wait […]

CPAC was last week, and Lindy Li, senior member of the DNC, called the conference a, “gathering of sexual predators.” She then proceeded to list multiple accusations against various members of the conservative party. These statements were followed by the host of the show, Yasmin Vossoughian, walking back the statement saying, “I, I just — […]

Meghan Mangrum got fired from the Dallas Morning News. Titles are important, and it is dangerous to address powerful people improperly. She called Mayor Eric L. Johnson, the mayor in Dallas Texas, “Bruh” in a tweet. She has since deleted the tweet. It is important to address people properly, especially if you do not know […]

The NFL Players Association did an anonymous survey amongst players to evaluate teams. The eight categories cover every part of player treatment. The eight categories cover everything from facilities to the treatment of families, to the team’s travel conditions. This is an interesting look into the lives of NFL players and how they interact with […]

Matthew Whitaker, former acting Attorney General under President Trump and Kash Patel former terrorism prosecutor that President Trump brought in to work on counter terrorism measures joined the show. They joined to discuss what the story of the 2024 elections will be and whether the election will be a social or economic election.

mThe wokeness sharks are out again; they have now decided to completely change the classic Disney movie Peter Pan. Disney is set to release a live action Peter Pan remake where the Lost Boys characters will not all be boys. That does not even make any sense. They are literally called the Lost Boys. In […]

There are two big stories today. Our first one takes place in Washington D.C and it does not make any sense. Anyone can vote in Washington D.C. now. All they have to do to be allowed to vote is reside in Washington D.C. for 30 days. Illegal immigrants can now vote and whoever else wants […]

Cornell law professor William Jacobson joins Tony Katz to discuss his new site, site, which serves as the hub for the Equal Protection Project, focuses on exposing the racially and other discriminatory practices in school systems across America that are executed under the guise of “equity” and “diversity.”