President Biden traveled on Tuesday to Monterey Park, where a gunman killed 11 people in January, to announce steps designed to improve enforcement of existing laws to help prevent future mass shootings. “Today, I’m announcing another executive order that will accelerate and intensify this work to save lives,” Biden told a small audience in Monterey […]

Guy talks proudly about Indiana and it’s pro 2A laws. Indiana is near the top of pro 2A states. A lot of people talk about how they want to live in a “pro-gun” state like Texas. Texas has a lot of laws that we don’t have and that I don’t want “I want to live […]

Indiana Rep Jim Lucas calls in to discuss his bill HB 1177, which would create specialized firearms safety, education, and training curriculum for teachers, school staff, and school employees.  Lucas dispels some of the disinformation out there regarding his bill.  Critics of such bills often make the argument that such bills would turn our schools […]

Guy was excited to interview author Larry Correia on today’s edition of “The Gun Guy Show.” Larry’s new book “In Defense of the 2nd Amendment” is a direct rebuttal to gun control advocates, each argument footnoted with facts. Larry Correia is the creator of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-selling Monster Hunter […]

Beech Grove got unwanted national attention the other day when a 4 year old in diapers was seen on video waving, aiming and pulling the trigger on a gun. The boy’s father Shane Osborne, 45, faces charges of dangerous control of a firearm and two counts of neglect of a dependent in connection with the […]

Guy talks about the Illinois Assault Weapons Ban that Governor Pritzker just passed into law, and how many of the more rural Illinois county Sheriffs and District Attorney’s will not be enforcing this law. Several county sheriffs have come out and said ‘I will not not enforce this in my county, won’t do it. No […]

Guy talks about the tragic shooting at Castleton Mall, where according to reports a 16-year-old lost his life when he mistook another person’s car as his own. Guy talks about the use of lethal force in cases like this one, and whether or not the shooter will be charged in the death of this young […]

On this special edition of The Gun Guy Show, Guy interviews Pastor Dr. Chris Holland, from The Father’s House, regarding Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” when it comes to justified lethal force from a police officer.  Guy asks, Would it be fair to say that a more accurate translation of that commandment is Thou […]

The Gun Guy begins the show talking about the deadly shooting of Dustin Phipps at a Marathon gas station on the corner of Emerson and Southeastern Avenue. Court documents say Anvictor Butler fired fatal shots at Dustin Phipps as he got in the car Butler was driving. Guy takes issue with the local media coverage […]

The 2nd Amendment is not a 2nd tier right. There is no hierarchy in our bill of rights