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Judge rules illegal immigrants have gun rights protected by 2nd Amendment (

Guy Relford on his Saturday show discussed what many conservatives find disgusting: Judge ruling that illegal immigrants have gun rights protected by 2nd Amendment. How is that in the state of Illinois, where law abiding citizens have their 2nd Amendment rights heavily restricted do illegal aliens have rights to carry guns?

Guy Relford explains the disconnect:

The headlines were “Illegal Aliens can carry guns in Illinois” according to this judge. And people were saying, “hold on, an illegal immigrant can carry a gun in Illinois? I can’t carry a gun in Illinois, because they don’t recognize my Indiana license, and they don’t have Constitutional carry. So, I can’t carry a gun in Chicago… but an illegal alien can carry a gun?” And people believe that’s what this ruling says, that’s not what it said.

The woman in question was being prosecuted under a federal law, not an Illinois or Chicago law.

Do illegal aliens have constitutional rights? Yes, says Guy:

A person who came into this country illegally… a lot of people want to say they have no rights under the U.S. Constitution.  But that argument assumes that the Constitution gives you rights. If my rights come from God… but God didn’t give the same right to the person who decided cross the Rio Grande without a visa? … Does God not favor someone until they get naturalized as a citizen, and then suddenly they are bestowed with the favor of God?


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