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Guy Relford on his show Saturday night spoke about HB1084 which would prevent a governmental entity or institution (like a financial institution) from knowingly or willfully keeping any list that would ultimately be used to prevent legal sales at firearms retailers.

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Guy Relford:

Somebody got the idea “Hey we want really want to track purchases at gun stores.” The ostensible reason was that they could somehow prevent a mass shooting by being able to flag ‘suspicious’ transactions at gun stores… What’s ludicrous about the whole thing, it (the credit card code) will say that you spent money at a gun store… It doesn’t say what (you) bought… There’s been a long history of attempts at discrimination, not just attempts, by the financial industry about gun owners and particularly people engaged in the gun industry, including gun shops… When you think about it, it all flows together, you create this credit card code… now those credit card processors can refuse that transaction. They can decline it. What better way to put a gun shop out of business, than not allow anybody to use a debit or credit card at a gun store? 1084 would prevent that.

These credit card codes used by the financial industry is just another version of Operation Choke Point:

Operation Choke Point – Wikipedia

Guy Relford:

The discrimination we’re talking about is not happenstantial, it’s not hypothetical, and it’s sure as hell not paranoid. It’s happening every day.

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